Wire Service was formed in 2010 with analoguejeff koepper (analogue synths,programming,sequencing electronic percussion and vocals) He has worked with various groups and projects in the past and found that he alone and the machines have a great chemistry together in wire service. The influences are the great early electro synth and german electronic bands and many are listed below. Wire Service, true to form, offers high quality analog synth music. Wire Service does not use or permit computers in their musical laboratory, real hardware synths and hardware sequencers are their only musical tools. Wireservice's manifesto is to create beautiful, emotional and exciting electronic music for this modern age. Influences: visage, japan, ultravox, YMO, pseudo echo, human league, depeche mode,rational youth, alphaville,simple minds,roxy music, bryan ferry, gary numan,yaz, daniel miller, vince clarke, men without hats,tears for fears, new order, joy division, omd, david sylvian, U2, the smiths, a flock of seagulls,heaven 17, BEF, giorgio moroder, the fixx, killing joke, camoflage, the cure,aha, talk talk, blancmange, china crisis, brian eno, david bowie, Neu, Can,bauhaus, tangerine dream, vangelis, jean michel jarre,klaus schulze, the cars synthpop,disco, electropop, new wave, electrodisco, arp, moog,sequential circuits, roland, oberheim and many others